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Welcome to the webpage of the Laboratory for Control, Robotics and Automation. Currently our research is in two main areas of Automotive, and human arm neuromechanics and rehabilitation. We are using control engineering techniques for developing methods to be used in autonomous vehicles. We are studying various challenges in the area of autonomous vehicles such as lane changing, detection of unintended acceleration and development of high level controls for high way driving. In the area of neuromechanics and rehabilitation, we aim to apply control and robotics techniques to understand the underlying principles of the human central nervous system, analyze human upper limb bio-mechanics and develop assistive upperlimb rehabilitation devices. Both areas of research in our lab are of high importance and have broad impact on society.

Director: Dr. Reza Langari
Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department
Head of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution Department



Rana Soltani-Zarrin is invited to give a talk at the NSF Workshop on Human-Friendly Robots

Rana Soltani-Zarrin is an invited speaker at the NSF Workshop on Human-Friendly Robots which will be hosted by UT San Antonio on May 2-3, 2019. The topic of her talk is […]

Congratulations to Gihyeob An for being selected as student best paper finalist at DSCC 2017

  Gihyeob An is selected as the best paper finalist for his paper “Collision Cone Based Lane Changing Model for Collision Avoidance, Gihyeob An and Reza Langari” at the 2017 Dynamic […]

Soltani-Zarrin awarded Fran O’Sullivan Women in Lenovo Leadership scholarship from Society of Women Engineers

Rana Soltani-Zarrin, a doctoral student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, was recently awarded the Fran O’Sullivan Women in Lenovo Leadership scholarship from the Society of […]

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